What agents and their clients are saying about South Florida Real Estate company United Realty Group


Our testimonials are a reflection of our company, staff and who we are as a whole! Our reviews show how our products & service have helped each person. We always strive to be the very best and to always have satisfied customers!

I’m a Realtor/Broker that have been in Real Estate close to 20 years. The group of agents we have at URG are amazing!! I went out for knee surgery this month (10/20/22) which caused me to need assistance with a scheduled closing. My fellow agents went into action!! My check was picked up from attorney’s office, my paperwork finished, my funds mailed directly to me, and even had an agent pick up enough dinner to feed my family and I for a few nights!! Wow!! The wife really loved that part!

This is what a family ran business is supposed to look like! If you are an agent on the fence, not sure which company to hang your license with. I highly recommend you call Nathalie and give URG a try! With the different shifts we experience in this business, it’s nice to know that you have a company out there that cares not only about your business but about YOU as well!

Ken Roberson

Velkis Hidalgo

Alejandra Ayala

Many years of sharing with the nicest people in the nicest work environment make you keep positive, productive, and happy. Very highly recommend our Cooper City Office to everyone with the desire to work and grow your business as well as your Real Estate skills. Ruben Silva, our manager, is the best, always ready to solve any issue with internet, printer or any other item needing attention, extremely helpful. Thank you URG for our great office and thank you, Ruben, for taking the best care of it.

Aldo Renzo

Mz Jamez

Awesome office to work from, great environment, beautiful modern decorated, great to bring your clients in. Totally recommend this office

Cristina Cruz

This offer is a beautifully decorated office to meet my clients, and I like being a part of this brokerage. The office is close to where I live, and they offer support add a fraction of the price of other brokerages Office manager Ruben is great and is available to support.​

Your Sunshine Agents Fareena Tsudek

Paul Brownell has been my solid rock support system. He is always there whenever I have a question. Truthfully, I never counted the years I’ve been with the company but I’m kind of a "family bird".

Annette Mongal

Elizabeth Rodriguez-Hernandez is the reason for my success in challenging transactions. She knows what to do and how to do it. Having a Broker like her on my side is powerful for me and my customers.

Yanildy Colon

My sincere recommendation is that URG is a straightforward company with thousands of satisfied Realtors; that they would always pay on time, that they were a pioneer in very low fixed split, and that I always had the impression that I was dealing with very honest and reliable people.

Henry Bagdadi

I have to say that the advantages of United Realty Group to another company have always come out on top. I have never had a question or concern that was not addressed by the management over the years. The payment of 100% commission I earned in each transaction was always available at the closing table. I recommend URG to many independent Realtors, and will continue to do so.

James Boucher

Such nice people to deal with.

Esther Rose

My experience as a newer agent was so amazing, the manager are so down to earth it makes my job super easy.

Lisa Emmanuel

I just signed up with them as my new brokerage. The administration are all friendly and helpful.

David Eiglarsh

Super Agent Susan Krutzler the best in your new home and sales

Scott Mayaudon

Amazing team of professional people to work for you. The faster growing corporation under one management team. Over 4,000 agents with a principal focus and specialists on South Florida covering Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties.

Rodrigo Vilches

Excellent Real Estate office!

Ana Benito

It was pretty easy to do what I needed to do thre. In and out fairly easily!

Your Truley

United Realty Group. Great Real Estate company.

Jlofire Sanchez

Excellent real estate company you find some excellent agents that work there.

Michael Morgan

Great view for work and great location.

Amelia Reyes

The best company to work for as a realtor.

Susan Gobrial

Excellent Real Estate in all you need to sell, buy, or rent! Excellent realtors! Excellent office!

JAIME D ROMERO Asesor Inmobiliario-Realtor

Masood Rafiq

Marcela Renzo

Best brokerage company ever! United Realty Group is more than a brokerage company, it’s a real family! Offices are luxurious, we have our own title company and mortgage company in each of our 21 offices which help our clients to have the smoothest experience in the real estate process. David and Nicole CHAMBLESS, the founders are amazing. Elizabeth RODRIGUEZ- HERNANDEZ, the managing broker, is always here to give you the best advice. The Cooper City office has the best team ever: Ruben SILVA, the Manager is the sweetest and so is Julie Castano, our Title Agent. We have the chance to have in our office Alejandro TABIO and Steven Williams, our Loan Originators. I’m more than proud to be part of this wonderful family and recommend all real estate agents to join us!

Cecile Isorez

Great place to work. You are your own boss regarding the time and effort you put in. You earn all your commission and the environment is non threatening. Ruben Silva at Cooper City Office is cool. Real Estate, Mortgage, and Title are available to make your transaction easier.

Yvonne Edwards

...in one particular transaction, the commission for the cooperating agent (Me) was reduced after the property was under contract. Elizabeth worked with great authority and wisdom and I received the full initial commission! She is always available with her knowledge, good attitude and friendliness.

Vicky Howard

Elizabeth Hernandez taught me valuable lessons that I needed to be a better agent. She was always there to teach and guide me when I needed her explicit knowledge! A true leader!!

Joani Richter

Elizabeth is a highly professional, enthusiastic, and effective Broker. She is always available to answer my questions quickly, with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.

Kathy Escobar

It’s been a pleasure working with United Realty Group. We have been through thick and thin together. I don’t think I will ever think of leaving United Realty Group.

Masood Rafiq

I wanted to dedicate these lines to thank you for your magnificent work throughout this process of our file. I must thank you for your excellent efforts to solve the problem presented with my name being mistaken with another person and prevented from closing our refinancing without justification. If in this world everyone will act and manage the way you do, it will definitely be all different. Happy holidays and once again very grateful.

Nissim Levy

Very professional and reliable.

Luciano Tedesco

Great company to work for.

Mara Issa P.A.

This company is awesome.

Joseph Franco

Best at all.

Fernando Maceda

Best real estate brokerage in all tri county.

Salvador Pepe

Great company to work for I'm definitely glad I changed offices.

Monique Tellado

Great for experienced agents. Buyers and Sellers benefits!

Teresa Kelso-Moore

Best Real Estate company to work for! Everyone is professional and nice. If you have a bad experience on a plane because of a flight attendant, doesn't mean you're never going to take another flight. Switch to United Realty Group, Inc Find your new home or sell your home with the best realtors!


Best Experience I've ever had with a Real Estate Firm and Agent and I'm 45. I write this with a high degree of excitement. I'm a single divorced dad with primary custody of my 3 daughters who live with me. My story is rather long and don’t want to bore you with it but I felt the need to write this because there are so many real estate agents out there, but very few actually deserve the title and can say work for their customer. In a nutshell, I was in a situation that I had to get my 13 year old genius daughter into a certain school district, needed to move before the school year. I believe we could not have done it without her. Do in part why I say that is, I would email, call, text other real estate agents whose names were listed on a house of interest, I would either hear back the next day, hell one agent called me a week later. She and her partner Le stopped me and said, tell us exactly what you want, what you're looking for, we will do all the research get back to you. They did the rest is history. I highly recommend Alice to anyone. This woman showed us homes at 10am and 8 to 9pm. She would meet with us at restaurants. She understood the urgency and she drove almost an hour to us to sign the contract so I can have it on time to enroll my daughter in school. Her care for what she does and the people she's representing is second to none. I've worked with 7 real estate agents in Miami in the past 12 years or so and I've yet to meet anyone that came close to her professionalism, tonicity and dedication to really finding you what works for you and your family, detail oriented, articulate, understands your entire family, puts so much time into research, responsive, attentive, caring, dedicated to her work, genuine interest in every part of the search and extremely involved and hands on during the whole process. Believe me this is a short list as I don't want to write a book but take it from me buying, selling or renting, this lady is the person to call and give your business to and trust and well-being of your most precious jewel, your family. Alice, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are an amazing person. You will be my real estate agent for anything I need in the future. I will also highly recommend you to anyone in my circle that's in the market. God Bless.

Alex Silva

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